Insurance & Protection

Insurance in crypto is crucial to providing our investors with an added layer of protection. The crypto market is highly volatile and prone to hacking and fraud, which makes it a risky investment space. Our launchpad involves significant investments and may have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. That's why we have made it a top priority to provide insurance to our investors.

Insurance can protect our investors in several ways. Firstly, it can safeguard against losses due to hacking or other security breaches. By having insurance, investors can rest assured that their investments will be covered in the event of a security breach or other cyber attack. This can help to mitigate the financial losses that investors might otherwise incur.

Secondly, insurance can protect against fraud and other types of misconduct. By obtaining insurance, we can assure our investors that we have undergone rigorous due diligence checks, and their investments are protected against fraudulent activities. This builds trust in our launchpad and encourages more investors to participate.

Finally, insurance provides a level of reassurance to investors. By knowing that our launchpad is insured, investors can be more confident in their investments and feel secure in their decision to invest. This can help to attract more investors to our launchpad and create a stronger community around it.

In conclusion, insurance in crypto is essential to our launchpad's success. It provides our investors with added protection against the risks associated with investing in the crypto market. Insurance safeguards against losses due to hacking or other security breaches, protects against fraud and other types of misconduct, and provides reassurance to our investors, which builds trust and encourages more investment in our launchpad.

Meadow insurance

In addition to these benefits, there is a prospective "Meadow insurance" that will benefit anyone that has the the top tiers; 10% of the total amount raised will go towards the Meadow insurance fund. By associating the top tiers with insurance, buy pressure or scarcity is created, driving up the price. This means that it can act as a hedge against inflation while also limiting the volatility in the industry.

Further adding to this, any future projects that decide to launch on Meadow, 5 - 10% of the total raise will also go towards "Meadow Insurance" this will build over time. How this system will work is, if the token price falls below the IDO price within 3 months, throughout 2 vesting periods, anyone who holds Tier 4 and Tier 3 will benefit from the insurance fund, we will distribute % of the principal capital.

How does this work?

The higher the tier you have the more you will benefit from our insurance pool. For instance:

Tier 4 (Best tier) % of your principal back if the token price goes below IDO price.

Tier 3 (Second best tier) % of your principal back if the token price goes below IDO price.

Tier 2 (Does not benefit from the insurance pool)

Tier 1 (Does not benefit from the insurance pool)

(Meadow Insurance is subject for change for improvement)

Just an Example:

  1. Lets say Meadow launches a project and the lDO price is $0.05

  2. Tier 4 gives out $500 allocation, Tier 3 gives $200 allocation for its first project

  3. After 2 weeks the project is priced at $0.02 (that is below IDO price) - Stays like this through two vesting periods.

  4. All participants in Tier 4 will get $150 back which is 30%,of their allocation, Tier 3 will get $30 which is 15% back thanks to the insurance pool.

(Please note these numbers will may vary, allocation will depend on how many participants there are, this is just a scenario being used)

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