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Meadow on Sui Network

Why did we decide to go with the Sui?
It is always difficult to discern which blockchain networks are here to stay because new Layer 1 networks are continually appearing at an increased frequency. The Sui blockchain is going to be one of the more recent additions to the expanding number of programmable smart contract platforms that emerged earlier this year.
Ecosystem funding
The Sui blockchain appears to be quite intriguing due to the particular collection of one-of-a-kind features that it possesses, allowing the platform to stand out from the competition. In addition, the recent news made by Sui regarding the successful completion of a Series B fundraising round for $300 million suggests that the blockchain platform will not be here momentarily.
Unique network
Sui has marketed itself as the first permissionless layer-1 proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain that was designed from the bottom up. This enables developers and creators to build Web3 projects that service the next wave of Web3 customers. In addition, Sui will be a platform for next-generation smart contracts that places an emphasis on both high throughput and low latency. The blockchain makes use of an asset-oriented programming architecture that is founded on the move smart contract language.
Scalability & Security
Due to the fact that the Sui blockchain will provide a plethora of features that are unavailable elsewhere, the Meadow Launchpad team decided to make it our preferred choice. The thing to keep in mind is that the platform asserts to provide unrivaled levels of scalability and minimal latency for basic application scenarios. Due to the fact that the platform supports concurrent transactions, this objective can be accomplished. The blockchain is capable of working at speeds and scales never seen before.
Sui's premise that many blockchain transactions do not have complicated interdependencies with other portions of the chain is responsible, at least in part, for the increased efficiency of the system. As a consequence of this, the platform considers blockchain transactions to be standard transfers, and it has tailored its operations to reflect this perspective. As a direct result of this, Sui will be able to make more effective use of the processing resources. Consequently, it is an ideal fit for the objectives that we have set for the Meadow Launchpad.