Special rewards for special users.

The meadow launchpad leaderboard section allows users to create a profile using their SUI wallet inside the meadow platform. Users will be able to customize their profile with a logo. Users that hold a certain number of Meadow tokens will have a special badge next to their username. Top leaderboard users will receive special rewards every month.

The leaderboards ranking system is based on a few criteria:

  • How active the user is in the Meadow platform (time spent in launchpad, activity, number of times logged in etc.) The more activity, the more points

  • How much money the user has invested in the whole Meadow ecosystem. This includes meadow tokens invested and all the IDOs invested in Meadow's platform. The more invested, the more points.

  • The amount of Meadow staked and length (the longer the stake, the more points)

This leaderboard ranking is completely different from Zealy rankings**

Rewards for top ranks

We will be giving special rewards for the top 1-500 rankings in the leaderboard section once per month.

These rewards could be in the form of airdrops, dividends (a share of the meadow revenue), more allocation for bonus tokens in the future.

The leaderboard rankings will begin in June 2023. More details to be announced soon


Whale Badge: Holders with over 50,000 meadow tokens

Dolphin Badge: Holders with over 25,000 meadow tokens

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